Yung Ming Embroidery Corp. - Your Trusted Partner

Yung Ming Embroidery Corp. is a complete manufacturer with a comprehensive range of patches, emblems and appliques; i.e. for fashion, sporting, kids and adults... We have been creating the highest quality of craftsmanship for over 40 years.

Our corporate objective is to guarantee that our worldwide reputation for quality, hard to beat service, on-time delivery and exceptional pricing continues by having the most efficient manufacturing facilities featuring the most advanced technologies and world class customer service.

Our company had major highly modernized manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, China and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our headquarter facility is located in Taipei, Taiwan.

Yung Ming Embroidery Corp. is ready to serve as your trusted partner.


Our Customers - We Serve, Care about and Appreciate

The satisfaction and success of our customers are the most important criteria of our company. All we want to do is to promise to collect our customers' requirements/expectations well, then to commit to provide products with ultimate quality, and services with world-class level. We continue to build Yung Ming Embroidery Corp. as a company with good reputation. Some of our distinguished and honorable customers are:

Our Customers

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Yung Ming Embroidery Corp., we treasure our customers.


Custom Design - Your Ideas, We Make Them Happen

Everyday in Yung Ming Embroidery Corp., we support to take ideas from existing customers and also, from potential new customers, about their expectations. Maybe they are ideas about design, maybe about materials, shapes, sizes or colors... etc.. We take them seriously and help to build your unique, tailor-made, exclusive and custom embroidered samples and/or products.

Artwork and Sample-1
Artwork and Sample-2
Artwork and Sample-3
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No matter what field you are in, Police, Law Enforcement, Fire, Rescue, Medical, Security, Military, Administration, Boy/Girl Scouts, Youth Group, Sports, Fashion, Corporate Identity... etc., or you are uniform shops, gift/souvenir shops, chain stores, visitor centers... etc., you tell us what you need, we then produce your custom emblems, custom patches, custom motifs/appliques/garment accessories... etc..

Yung Ming Embroidery Corp., we help to make your ideas happen.


Yung Ming Embroidery Corp. - A Company with Finest Quality

In addition to acquire certificates from different third parties, Yung Ming Embroidery Corp. keeps on focusing on the activities which are good for the improvement of our quality, namely,

1. Our R&D Department continues to acquire new materials and new techniques...

R&D Department

2. Our skillful employees responsible for digitizing are with more than 10 years experiences...


3. We produce high density stitches for samples and products...

Low Density Stitches
High Density Stitches

4. We use Japan made "Tajima" & "Barudan" multi-head embroidery machines...

Tajima Embroidery Machine
Barudan Embroidery Machine

5. Our products are colorfast to proper bleaching...

Yung Ming Embroidery Corp., we are a company with finest quality.

ISO Certificate - Quality Management

ISO Certificate (ISO 9001:2008) for Quality Management System...

ISO Certificate_ISO 9001:2008

Yung Ming Embroidery Corp., we are concerned about the quality of our system, i.e. the quality of our production of embroidery.


CPSIA Certificate - Lead-Free

Yung Ming Embroidery Corp. continues to focus on following the regulations and rules.  By passing the CPSIA testing for lead, Yung Ming Embroidery Corp. is proud of the test reports of our material-threads and material-fabrics.

CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008) Certificate of Compliance (COC)...

CPSIA Certificate_Thread_TestReport_1
CPSIA Certificate_Thread_TestReport_2
CPSIA Certificate_Thread_TestReport_3
CPSIA Certificate_Fabric_TestReport_1
CPSIA Certificate_Fabric_TestReport_2
CPSIA Certificate_Fabric_TestReport_3

Yung Ming Embroidery Corp., we follow the rules and regulations.


Oeko-Tex Certificate and Intertek Certificate - Environmentally Friendly and Eco-Friendly

Yung Ming Embroidery Corp. keeps on focusing on the activities which are good for the environment. There are a range of ways in which such activities can be eco-friendly, ranging from our materials-yarns which are constructed in an environmentally friendly way to our materials-fibres which are designed to benefit the environment.

Oeko-Tex Certificate and Intertek Certificate...

Oeko-Tex Certificate-1
Oeko-Tex Certificate-2
Intertek Certificate

Yung Ming Embroidery Corp., we are concerned about the health of the environment.